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Prison Break Santa

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas!

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Prison Break Santa is a Secret Santa community for the exchange of virtual gifts within the Prison Break community. This community is based on vm_santa & btvs_santa, run by the wonderful sarah_p.

How it Works
Post your wishlist during November (following the guide below) and you will be given the name of another community member who has also posted their wishlist. And your name will go to someone, and so on, and so on, and so on... Any type of created gift is acceptable to ask for: fanfic, banners, icons, videos, music mixes, etc.

How to Participate
Join this community, then make a new post containing your wishlist between November 1 and November 30, 2006. Please use the following format:

Email address where we can send your giftee If you prefer not to post it in public, please email it to us (with your LJ name) at pb.santa@gmail.com.
What I want Be as specific as possible. Want fic? Then make sure you state what kind (het, slash, gen) and what characters you prefer. Want graphics? What kind...what characters do you like? The more specific you are and the more you ask for, the better the odds that you'll get fabulous gifts that you've always wanted!
What I can do What do you prefer creating? Fic, icons, graphics in general, videos? Help us give you an assignment you'll be comfortable with.
What I absolutely won't do If there's a character, pairing, or genre you can't write, or if you think you'll only be able to make graphics, etc., say so here.
Are you willing to provide a backup contribution? Yes or No. We may ask for backup contributors in the event that some Santas can't fulfill their obligations. This will most likely occur in the first week of January. If you are unable or uninterested in being a backup contributor, it's perfectly okay to say no. Please don't say "maybe" or "don't know". Yes or No are the only two answers.

  • Post your wishlist between November 1st & November 30th
  • During the first couple of days in December, we'll email your santa assignment.
  • (optional) Between December 1st & December 23rd, you are allowed to post teaser gifts to your giftee. These have to be anonymous! You don't want your giftee to know who you are before the big day! So email your teaser gifts to pb.santa@gmail.com and we'll post them anonymously for you.
  • Starting December 24th until January 1st, post your gift(s) to the community and reveal your identity. If you won't be online during this time, email your gifts to pb.santa@gmail.com and we will post it for you.
  • After January 1st, we will ask backup contributors for their help so that no one goes without a gift. If you are unable to meet your deadline or post your gift on time (or at all), please let us know.

    What's Expected
    Gifts should reasonably reflect what was asked for. If someone asks for Icons of Lincoln Burrows, one icon would probably be a little disappointing. Virtual gifts only! Do not spend money! The purpose of Prison Break Santa is to share creativity and revel in the generosity of the holiday season.

    Spoiler Policy
    Any spoilers for season 2 must be put behind an LJ-cut! What's a spoiler? If you're unsure, just put it behind a cut. Anything from season 1 is NOT a spoiler.

    Who's running this show? angelicus & lady_iz. Contact us with any questions at pb.santa@gmail.com

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    Banner & customizations by lady_iz